Iyengar Classes

BKS Iyengar studied yoga is entire life and codified his findings in his multiple books. Iyengar yoga is based on his teachings and his approach to life. This style of yoga creates health in the body, mental clarity, and emotional stability. The teacher focuses on alignment building up the body to build strength, stamina, flexibility, concentration, and meditation in each pose.


Iyengar Yoga provides a progression that is safe and teaches how to do yoga poses that will build confidence and ability so the student can take lessons from class to practice at home.


Iyengar teachers are trained in:

  • Sequencing that flows to build strength, vitality, concentration and correct alignment

  • Sympathetic ways to acknowledge and care for injuries, stress, and illnesses

  • Provide props to further poses and make every yoga pose available to every person.

  • Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers have over 3- 5 years of training before they can go up for assessment

  • Clear precise language used in teaching and demonstrating poses

  • Verbal corrections given as needed and adjustments when necessary.


sources: Iyengar Association of the United States,  the Iyengar Association of Greater New York Area, kenjagen.net


The benefits of yoga are given to all, but those who are consistent receive the most. Flexibility, balance, stability, emotional health are essential to all.

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