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Adult Class Levels

I teach both classes in progressive manner so each week builds on the previous week, linking what you are learning throughout the month. Allowing you to perfect new poses and really focus on certain aspects of your yoga practice. 


In Level 1 each week the emphasis is on standing poses, as these are the foundation of all of our yoga practice for the rest of our lives. Later in the year we start to incorporate the same schedule as Level 2. 


In Level 2 each week of the month has a focus

Week 1- Standing poses

Week 2- Forward bends/ abdominal

Week 3- Back bends/ abdominal

Week 4- Restorative


Level 1- Brand new beginners, those coming back, those with injuries

  • basic standing poses, balancing, and forward extensions 

  • seated poses

  • introduction to forward bends

  • introduction to backbends

  • inversions

    • shoulder stand sequence

    • restorative inversions

  • twists

  • restorative

    • learn how to relax your body at home, or on your cycle


Level 2- those who can hold shoulder stand for around 5 min

  • more advanced standing poses- twisted and balancing poses

  • seated poses

  • forward bends

  • introduction to abdominals

  • back bends- including, camel pose, back bend in the chair 

  • inversions 

    • headstand 

    • expanding shoulder stand sequence 

  • more advanced twists

  • restorative- continuation of level 1

Children's Class

I am creative in how I teach and make sure I am presenting my material, as I know some parents have concerns about yoga,  in a more non traditional yoga fashion, in some places we call this class 'stretching and exercise' instead of Yoga, due to concerns of parents.

Instead of Sanskrit, all poses are talked about in: 

  • Animal

  • shapes

  • nature names


We never mention traditions from the Hindu religion, or Indian culture where these poses got their names from. 

As children love play and movement we do not correct form, we count while we hold poses, we flow from pose to another once we learn all of the poses, creating fun sequences that are challenging and raise their heart rate and then allow the child to relax at the end. There will be a 5 min guided meditation/ exploration of imagination at the end, or a focus count to 100 or 200 depending on the age of the child.  


Just as we do in my adult classes we have a focus for the class, but there is nothing to stop us from throwing in a few back bends to our standing pose class. :)